Robin is a professional in Austin, TX looking to invest in a cohesive design for her new apartment. Robin recognized that nearly every furniture item she owns happens to be black, and she’s looking to bring more color into her space. We planned a design that implements much of her existing furniture without looking too “black and tan.” What I’ve prepared for Robin draws on her love of neutrals but also adds dimension through multiple textures, patterns, and shapes. Because Robin is a cat owner (and some cats love to attack plants), I had to get a bit creative with implementing greenery in Robin’s space. We opted to include hanging planters and plant photography to help bring the outdoors in. (As a bonus, Robin’s cat jungle gym even kinda fits the Modern Scandinavian look. Win!)SPRUCE package (1).png

Glass House 4

robin dykema glasshouse IG 004

robin dykema glasshouse IG 003

robin dykema glasshouse IG 007robin dykema glasshouse IG 008robin dykema glasshouse IG 009