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I’m Shay Gabriel, and I believe that intentional interior design can benefit everyone. Interior design is about so much more than the look of a space — it’s about how you feel where you dwell.

I find joy in helping clients merge their life values with their living spaces — through intentional designs that are personalized, practical, and beautiful. We can work together to define your space — even over the internet.

Soon you will be able to explore my work through a new portfolio, featuring design projects in their progressive states — from drafting concept boards, to drawing 3D renderings, to completion. I’ve designed home interiors in preparation to sell or rent, renovated a house of my own, and helped others turn their values into design visions by providing personalized plans complete with product sourcing. With the power of the internet, interior design is more accessible and affordable — and we can work together even if we’re miles apart.

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In the meantime, you can check out my blog, where I’ve occasionally written about personal experiences crafting our 1890s house into a modern home. My husband Matt and I purchased our multifamily fixer-upper in Grand Rapids, MI in 2016 and have been progressively renovating it ever since. We live in one of the units, which our friends and family have come to know as “Livingston” (after our street name). You’ll catch me calling home “Livingston”, too! Throughout my blog and social media posts, you’ll also catch glimpses of our puppy, Islay (after the Isle of Islay). She’s a shih tzu + bichon — basically a living, breathing teddy bear.

Throughout all things Shay Gabriel, you’ll find honesty and imperfection. Our life isn’t social-media-perfect, but we’re practicing living it intentionally — and we think that’s what matters most. Which brings me full circle to my passion: creating intentional designs that foster intentional living. Perhaps we can partner sometime!

Merging heart and home,