Right after Thanksgiving, I was ready to take down our fall decor and switch into winter mode. I swapped our warm, neutral, and tribal print sofa pillows with deep green, gray, and geometric covers. I updated the prints in our living room gallery frames. And I was so ready to put up the Christmas decorations and get into the holiday spirit!

But as luck would have it, most of our Christmas decor didn’t survive the past year…we discovered some previously undetected moisture in a particular part of our basement, and that moisture had its way with our cashmere fir tree, stockings, wreath, and other Christmas accessories. We were leery of mold and decided we needed to say goodbye to those belongings…I was sad and frustrated, mostly because of sentimentality and savvy budgeting. But the silver lining was that I’d get to indulge in my love for design and dream up a new vision for Christmas.

I ran with the color green I’d already chosen for our living room pillows and soon stumbled upon the perfect stockings. These stockings, from the Hearth and Hand line (a collaboration between Magnolia and Target), feature the green I was hunting for and boast a classic yet modern look. I grabbed a matching tree skirt and began the search for matching ornaments.

I envisioned minimal ornaments in neutral tones with a single pop of color, but not a single ornament set I could find fit the bill. The Hearth and Hand ornaments were crafted to complement the stockings and tree skirt I purchased, but almost every Target in the country was sold out. Besides, I didn’t want to duplicate a page out of the Magnolia Journal; I wanted to add a bit of my own creativity and a hint of modern Scandinavian flair. I eventually ventured to At Home, where I found a couple of ornament sets I could pick through to reach my desired look. (Each set of 50 ornaments was only about $15! So not only was it a cost-effective way to curate my own vision, but it also invites many more combinations of color and style for future holiday seasons!) For this year’s look, I chose ivory, matte black, and a pearlescent mint green. Then I sprinkled in a few individually selected geometric ornaments and called it good!

Our puppy, Islay, kept curling up under the tree while I was decorating, and I couldn’t help but interrupt her for some photos! I love the look she’s giving me here πŸ˜†

Now that our gifts are wrapped and stockings are filled, we’re ready for Christmas at Livingston.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

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