There seems to be a correlation between Matt being away from home and our realtor contacting me with great news…

Matt was on tour this past spring, which is when I was first introduced to the home we’ve been waiting for. Last week, while Matt was off the grid in the wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (doing manly things like watching tornadoes form and diving into frigid Lake Superior), I was surprised with the news that we were set to close on the home. I couldn’t wait to tell him the news as soon as he ventured back into cell-phone-service civilization!

Two days ago, Matt came home to Grand Rapids. Today, the deed was done–we are officially the owners of our first family home!

Much of our excitement lies in the creative opportunity ahead of us. Our home isn’t exactly move-in ready…

The house is split into two units, and while the upper unit is in great shape, our part of the home is a bit of a smelly mess. Over the past two months, the property management and Team Gabriel have worked to oust the remaining stench of an up-and-coming pet shop that formerly resided in the home. I’m not kidding. The house was full of pets destined to be sold. The carpet was full of pet bedding (and other pet things). We all had a lot of cleaning up to do. And a lot of shared grimaces as we struggled through the stink.

Now the mess is ours, and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve always seen potential beyond the pungency of this place, and we’re thrilled to expose it.

So, to say that it’s closing time doesn’t mean we’re bursting in with our belongings. Instead, we’ll be rockin’ respirators and #demoday for a bit.



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